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Once upon a time starts every fairy tale and love story. Yours is no different. You have a story that deserves to be told. You’ve both come a long way in your journey together and this day will be the cherry on the top of your love.

Do you dare to dream? Dreams can be made into reality with the right choices. As a celebrant, I have the ability to create dream ceremonies. I take your story and turn it into something extraordinary, a story that your loved ones need to hear.


As your celebrant, I will sit with you, I will listen and I will guide. Together we will create the perfect ceremony to include your ideas and wishes, spiritual beliefs, dreams and own personal love story. 


To ensure that you have the most bespoke ceremony possible can be a daunting experience- that is why I will be there to assist where possible, find out exactly what you want and provide examples and inspiration for you both to create something magical.

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