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Before your big day

I will meet with you a few weeks before your wedding to establish your needs and requirements for your special day. Keeping in regular contact, we will build a relationship so that you can feel at ease knowing your wedding day will all go according to plan. During the planning stage, I can offer tips and advice on wedding etiquette and protocol, and we can tailor a bespoke service for the roles you require me to take on your wedding day.

At the wedding

Having a Toastmaster at your wedding will add a sense of ceremony to the occasion.  Many people think that a Toastmaster's role is just to say grace and to announce the speeches at the wedding breakfast. I will do this and more.

Rest assured that I will be at the venue well ahead of your guests and the wedding party. I will ensure that the venue is prepared and set up as per your needs. As guests arrive, I will greet everyone and guide them to where they are expected to be. Throughout the day, I will assist photographers in gathering the necessary groups for official photographs.

You need never worry about timekeeping on the day. I will signal to the wedding party and then the guests when different stages of the day are set to commence. For example, I will be on hand to help you form a receiving line as guests move into the venue for the wedding breakfast. This will allow you to speak to all of your guests and they will be glad to formally greet and congratulate you.

Once all the guests are in the dining area, I will ask everyone to stand as I announce and welcome the newlyweds into the room (using your married name for the very first time). If required, I can say grace before the meal begins. After the meal has finished, it is traditional to move straight into the wedding speeches. I will introduce the speeches in the customary order starting with the father of the bride, then the groom, and finally, the best man. We can tailor this as necessary if friends or other family members are going to deliver the speeches and, of course, you also have the option of having the speeches precede the meal if you prefer.


To conclude the wedding breakfast, I will announce the cutting of the wedding cake. Depending on your requirements, you may see this as the Toastmaster’s final duty of the day, but if you require further ceremonial duties, I am happy to oversee these.


Email or call +44 (0)7391 103440 to discuss your requirements for your wedding day. 

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